Nothing is quite as challenging as trying to find a driver for an old piece of hardware when the company that created the product has been acquired. In my case, I was looking for a driver for the Keyspan USA-19QW USB to Serial adapter. It appears that Tripplite bought the company, but doesn’t seem to have the link to the driver on their website. They had a site where you could still download the driver for the Keyspan USA-19QW and other devices, but it’s been down for a few years.

Try to google for it and you’ll find a million people looking for it and another million sites trying to get you to install their driver scanner solution.

If you’re looking for straightforward access to the driver with no searching and no gimicks, look no further!

Download Keyspan USA-19QW driver [wpdm_file id=2]

If this file helped you, please, let me know. It took me a good while to go back and find it!

That said, after messing around with getting this device to work in Windows 8 (unsuccessfully), I chose to purchase a SABRENT CB-FTDI 6FT USB to Serial adapter and it works like a champ in Windows 8/8.1.