I was recently getting reports of a user trying to add another user to a Microsoft Teams channel and getting the following typical and unhelpful error messages

“Something went wrong.”


“We ran into an issue. Please try again later”

I tried adding the user through a web browser, through the Teams desktop client and then even tried a supposed work around of using an Android phone to add the user (which did in fact show that the user had been added, but ultimately in the cloud, this wasn’t the case).

I also tried adding the user, which I had confirmed was active in the Team, to the required channel, but got the following error message.

“Error Occurred while executing Add-TeamChannelUser”


“User _________ does not exist.”

The User ID (or Object ID in Azure AD) was listed in the error message.


After finally digging into the PowerShell and getting the error messages above, I had a sneaking suspicion that the user wasn’t fully healthy in Azure AD / O365. Sure enough, I had a clue when I looked for the user in the user list and they couldn’t be found. But then when I searched for the user, an account did show up. I clicked on the user and confirmed that the Object ID matched the error message.

Knowing how Microsoft tends to have weirdness in its cloud systems that can be resolved by any number of on/off kind of solutions, I deleted the user from Azure AD, waited about 2 minutes and then restored them in Azure AD. Sure enough, the user now appeared in the user list properly. I had to wait about 10 minutes for everything to synchronize across the systems and then I was able to add the user to the channels in both PowerShell and the various GUIs. Problem Solved!