I’ve been using Zimbra Desktop while doing some consulting for a client and have found it frustrating to use with some buggy issues such as new mail not appearing in the inbox at times. I finally decided that I would download the Zimbra Outlook Connector and try it with Microsoft Office 2013. Of course, I went to search for the download and found it painfully difficult to find. Much as I’m confused by why VMware makes it so difficult to download the vSphere client, I don’t understand why the Zimbra Outlook Connector is so hard to find. Naturally, it must be part of VMware’s modus operandi because it occurs to me that until recently VMware owned Zimbra.

In any case, if you’re looking for the Zimbra Outlook Connector, look no further! I will continue to add versions of the connector to this list as I find them.

Zimbra Outlook Connector Downloads

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