One of the more intriguing things that Google Analytics has done in the last year also appears to be one of the most enigmatic. You log into your inbox one morning, and low and behold, there’s an email from Google Analytics that starts with: A snapshot of your website in (whatever the last month was). ASnapshotOfYourWebsiteAt a glance there are some mildly useful statistics and information, but the concise format of useful statistics is actually pretty cool! (Disregard the low stats on this test website)

If you’re like me, you think more and more about it and realize, this would be perfect to send to clients you host websites or do SEO for.  So you start looking around trying to figure out a  few things:

  • How did this report get generated?
  • How can I customize this report?

And most importantly:

  • How do I get “A Snapshot of your Website” for ALL my websites?

In fact, how on earth did it start getting generated for this one obscure website? All very good questions. The sad fact is, nobody knows. There have been a group of people, myself included, who have queried the Google Analytics forums but there is no response as to where these mysterious reports come from and how to get them for other sites you may manage. They key thing here is to at least find that there currently is NO ANSWER that many of us are aware of, so you can look around a little more and then stop looking knowing that the answer is safely kept within the heart of Google. If you’ve found an answer, please post below because there are a lot of people dying to know and not even Google is forthcoming about this at this point.