So I’m in this awesome new restaurant in LA and working on their network and realize after I’m almost done that I hadn’t put an IP address on their HP Procurve 2530-24G switch. I didn’t bring my tool bag and I don’t have my USB to Serial adapter. It’s then that I look closely at the front of the switch for the first time and noticed a micro USB port on the front. What could that be!?!

HP USB Serial Port

Sure enough, it’s a built in USB to serial adapter of sorts. I plug in a micro USB phone charger cable that I have in my bag and sure enough, windows starts detecting a device. It finishes and the new device icon goes away. Good to go, or so I thought. I look in Device Manager for the serial adapter, and all I see is HPN Serial Port with an exclamation point on it. Crap. I need a driver. After searching on HP’s site and Google at large, I finally found the USB console driver I was looking for. I installed it and sure enough, I see the HPN Serial Port show up as COM4. I jump into putty and connect and just like magic, I’m consoled into the switch. Man I wish they had figured this out years ago!

NHP Serial Port

If you’re looking to download the HPN Serial Port driver download or HP USB Console download, look no further.