UPDATE: Ironically, as I was writing this article I searched a little more and found this utility directly from Trend Micro that seems to do the same thing without the effort! http://esupport.trendmicro.com/solution/en-us/1098239.aspx

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article on how to uninstall the Trend Micro OfficeScan client without a password. Later on in the same project I was working on, I found that I needed to remove the OfficeScan server as well, but just as I suspected, it required a password.

The process is VERY similar to the client password change option. To start:

  1. Open the file located at C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\OfficeScan\PCCSRV\Private\AuthorStore\trendauthdef.xml
    1. Note, the path may be slightly different depending on where you installed the software. In any case, you can probably access the path just by exploring to \\localhost\PCCSRV
  2. Find the Root password section and replace the Pwd section with Pwd=”!CRYPT!5234E559C0E2086E72FDC6793DE92D6CA2B50662C65503EBF96643A3C20291FC8D472CEAD02C41EDDEB40332A3C”
  3. This should now allow you to remove OfficeScan Server with a password of 1 (you may need to restart the server or at least the Trend Micro OfficeScan services).

With this last step I was finally able to remove Trend Micro OfficeScan completely from the environment.