Blogs have become a great source for new, original and relevant  information on the web. The best part about it is that it comes from real people providing real answers to real problems. If you’re like me, you’ve been saved by someone’s hard blogging work more than a time or two. So how do you thank someone who has helped save your day? Over the years I’ve found three universal ways to thank a blogger.

1. Leave A Quick Comment

Leave a quick comment



Simply telling someone thank you is one of the quickest and most sincere ways to please anyone. Do this on a blog by simply saying thank you, or if you have time, share more details about how the post helped. I’ve had a number of times where people have shared a great story where they were about to go crazy and my post helped save their sanity. So take a moment and comment on their article.

2. Share the Article

Share the article

Let’s face it. Authors write content so that someone will read it. If you write a blog post and nobody reads it, did it ever get written? (If a tree falls in a forest… never mind). A blogger dreams of having posts that go viral, but even some lesser degree of exposure makes it feel like the time spent on the article was worth it. Link from your website or blog to their helpful post or share on Facebook or other social media outlets. Not only do these links help people fine these helpful articles, but they also help build the credibility of a site and increase it’s rankings in the search engines. In any case, it’s very validating to an author to know that people believe their work is worth sharing with others.

3. Support Their Sponsors

Support their sponsors

Probably the simplest way to thank a blogger with minimal effort is to help support their site by clicking on ads from their sponsors. Bloggers who have advertisements on their sites generally get paid by the advertisers when someone clicks on an ad. Advertisers are happy about this for two reasons. First, they want to increase brand awareness. When people look at and click on ads, their brand is reinforced in people’s minds. The second reason of course is the real driver.It is to get people to purchase products from the advertisers. So if you see something that you are interested in or would like to buy, thank the blogger by buying it through ads or links on their site.

 Thanks for Being Grateful

Really, it’s all about being grateful. Authors are grateful to have an audience and readers are grateful to be touched by an article. If you found this article helpful, show it!