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SOLVED: Quickbooks 2012 and Windows 10 PDF Invoices

If you've been using QuickBooks for any length of time, you've become familiar with the problems that seem to plague QuickBooks  PDF functions such as invoicing. After upgrading to Windows 10 this week, I went to bill my clients only to find that once again I couldn't...

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HPN Serial Port Driver Download

So I'm in this awesome new restaurant in LA and working on their network and realize after I'm almost done that I hadn't put an IP address on their HP Procurve 2530-24G switch. I didn't bring my tool bag and I don't have my USB to Serial adapter. It's then that I look...

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vSphere Client Downloads

I've never been sure why VMware makes it so hard to download the vSphere client, but I needed it recently for writing my article on installing the vSphere 5.5 client on a domain controller. To reproduce the error to get a screenshot, I needed a copy of the vSphere 5.5...

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Configuration Denied by Athena Management

It's always an interesting experience for me when I come across an error message that, when Googled for, returns 0 results. I recently had this experience when working with a new Aruba RAP 108/109 access point. I logged into the interface and tried to change settings...

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